Fossil Journey

Utah Field House Museum of Natural History

Development of “Fossil Journey” at the new Utah Field House Museum of Natural History allowed for 9,000sf of theater and exhibits on the main floor and an additional 2,500sf on the mezzanine. Jan Coleman laid out the exhibits and storyline for both floors, established the construction methods and selected colors and materials to coordinate with the graphic designer’s work.

Conceived as a record of how a fossil is found, collected, moved, stored and displayed, the story begins within the Theater where a truck waits to return the latest find to the Field House. Filing out through a canyon Dig Site, the audience emerges at the Field House interactive “Fossil Lab” to help clean specimens, then moves into the main galleries to see cleaned specimens displayed as articulated dinosaurs or Eocene mammals. Exiting the main galleries through an Eocene Diorama, visitors explore the rock strata that makes Vernal so exceptional.