Issaquah Hatchery Redevelopment

Issaquah, Washington

Located downtown Issaquah, Washington, just east of Seattle, the historic and nearly derelict Issaquah Hatchery was slated for removal before the Friends of Issaquah Salmon Hatchery (FISH) sought to save it. Working with the architect, FISH, the State of Washington, and the Muckleshoot Tribe, Jan Coleman developed concepts for outdoor, hardened, interactive exhibits, riparian zone plantings, and an educational center. Further discussions led to revisions and additions to the fish runs, new circulation and landscape patterns, indoor exhibits and a natural history storyline that tied together old and new portions of the site. Today, the facility is a revitalized source of salmon production for the Muckleshoot, a public park and downtown amenity for the citizens of Issaquah, an outdoor museum for school groups, and a good neighbor. It is open 24/7.